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Interior spaces of office premises affect employees, clients and the profitability of a company. Every space has zones that bring energy fields that affect the occupants. When this energy is not aligned with the elements, employees of the office may not deliver their best. Vastushastra helps get the maximum productivity out of a space by optimising the placement of departments and objects as per corresponding Vastu zones. Vastu designing or recommendations for a pre-existing office can balance the zonal energies for a gainful outcome When a space is balanced according to Vastu, performances improve dramatically. An office space designed with Vastu ensures prosperity and positivity due to allocation of the most beneficial zones to every business activity, be it an entrance, reception area, stores, washrooms and conference halls. Additionally, creating a healthy ambience and balanced environment, through colours, shapes and materials can enhance the beneficial zones to increase profitability, create goodwill and drive future growth.

Beneficial power Vastu zones for an office

For traders or consultants, office in North proves to be highly beneficial. 

Place of staff: Finance department should 

be in the north quadrant

The marketing and sales team will be most effective in the east zone

The direction of the office canteen should be in the south-east direction

Placement of toilets should be in the South South west or west of north west

Legal Department should be in the West

Admin and HR should be in the north west

The ideal location of the conference room is in the east as well as the west zone
Note*: These are very generalistic guidelines, may change as per business type

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

Favourable business negotiations

Enhanced creativity

Boost in profits

A steady flow of wealth

Increased productivity and sales

Fame and goodwill

Better cash flow and profits

Motivated employees

An edge over competitors

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